Enrollment Process

To get started with the enrollment, you will need to download the Enrollment Package and complete the Participant Profile.  The Participant Profile is required for all new clients who wish to participate in a “trial day”. The program pre-requisites are required from the official start date.

Next Steps

  1. Download and print the Gilmore Adult Center’s Participant Profile
  2. Please sign the admissions and financial agreements.
  3. Invoicing is issued twice per month on the 15th and on the very last day of the month which varies between the 30th and 31st.
  4. Once you provide a security deposit, your loved one will be officially enrolled in the program.
  5. Signed Doctor’s Orders and PPD/TB Screening results are both needed within 30 days of enrollment

Our Therapy Services

We provide comprehensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to all of our Clients through Eagle Therapy and Total Therapy.

If you are interested in enrolling a Client into therapy you can download and fill out the forms for either Eagle Therapy or Total Therapy. Afterwhich you can submit the forms to our front office.

New Participant Profile Package

Information Packet

Gilmore Daily Enrollment Rates